Click on Barbra to read her message of thanks!

Click on Barbra to read her message of thanks!

Barbra White is a spiritual teacher and holistic therapist. She is the creator of the Self-Acceptance Process, and has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and Ecopsychology, Diploma of Homeopathy, and is a published author.

Barbra hosts a radio show reaching 60,000 listeners and local Detroit community gathering called "Calling All Leaders And Healers" both of the same name.  The show and Wed night community gathering ignites people into self love and a deeper inner knowing of their unique gifts.  Calling All Leaders and Healers also hosts guests and local community speakers.

Barbra's intense passion for service comes from knowing that every time someone heals  they also heal their family, community, natural environment and world.  She has seen families healed from this work and is deeply honored to be a benefit to the world in anyway she can.

Owner of Accepted As I Am Center, and writer for three major healing magazines.  She is certified in Advanced Auricular Medicine, is a Shamballa Master, Reiki Master, Seichim Energy Master, Karuna Reiki Master and Qi Gong practitioner, and is a black belt in Issshinryu Karate. Her books, Why Self Acceptance is So Powerful, Magnificent YOU, and Self Acceptance Process are available on Amazon. Her new book Finding The One will be published soon in 2016.  

Helping so many to live their dreams, start healing centers and open to the next phase of their Soul's expression Barbra has been nicknamed the 'mid-wife' to the soul. Hundreds of people have reported releasing years of pain, and self-sabotaging patterns through this work.  Barbra believes that if a person simply has the courage and willingness to grow; anyone can be a healer and leader to their community. 

Barbra gave her live to service in 1996 and then from a deep spiritual awakening in 2000 she started her first healing center with her father in 2001. Originally starting her work in natural health, Barbra quickly saw that the life coaching was "by accident", changing people's life's.   Starting this work in her early twenties Barbra was shocked by the incredible healing people were experiencing through the life coaching! Through thousands of hours of sessions and research Barbra answered her own question as to Why Self Acceptance Is So Powerful and thus the first of many books was written!  In continuing to facilitate her own understanding Barbra records all the sessions, healing, and teachings throughout the years till now.  

Barbra now uses the natural health modalities and energy work to 'unstick' addictive emotional patterns.  (Somatic Energy Clearing, Energetic Emotional Balancing, Trauma Erase homeopathics, or Auricular Acupuncture).

To read how others have experienced Barbra and her work, please see her Testimonials page.

Barbra is inspired to create loving and healthy connections within and between people, and to help communities evolve together.  Barbra would like to share her recommendations for professionals in other healing modalities.  Please view Barbra's Community Network page for a list!

Barbra is avid athlete, enjoys running with her dog Masa, Cross Fit, Bikram yoga and African Dance.  She is active in her community and volunteers her time to local organizations.  She life coaching sessions free to those in need and sees her life as a living example to others. 

Over the past twenty years Barbra has had a daily disciplined spiritual practice and is always constantly learning.  Deep bow to her many many teachers: Dr Earnest Shear, Penny Weaver, Ken Pittaway,  Shinto, Monk Mahdi, Dr Micheal Beckwith, Rikki Beyers Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Dr Eldridge Huntington, Dr Tina Fields, her clients, Donna Davidson, and Rev Jeff Nelson.