Here are Barbra's recommendations for professionals in other healing modalities:


Dr. Danielle Potter, 734-455-6767,

Cranial Sacral

Shana Herrin, NCTMP, 248-397-5278,  Energy work and excellent body mind connection process.


Mary's Holistic Massage, 734-751-7535, Energy work and healing massage.

Christy Zarek, 734-516-0701, Body alignment and healing.

Michelle Giannnoulakis, 248-830, 2394. Body image and sexuality healing, relaxing massage, and energy work.

Rebecca Roman, 707-478-3308.  Rebecca Roman is a second generation Feldenkrais Practitioner and well versed in many yoga styles. Feldenkrais, among many things, is also an excellent therapy for injuries.


Naturopathy and Acupuncture

Dr. Julie Two Moon, 734-414-7669,

Sexuality and Intimacy Healing

Leslie Blackburn, 313-269-6719.  Workshops in intimacy, sexuality, and love.


Stacey Coffee, 810-220-8571,


Melisa and Ernie Curnett, 248-924-2002,

Tai Chi

Master Ed Haas and Grand Master Robert White, 248-349-4518.

Robert also specializes in acupuncture for sports injury and detox programs.

Master Sang Kim, 734-904-9050, Tai Chi classes. Sang also does amazing energy work and spiritual healing sessions.

Emergency Counseling and Crisis Resource

Common Ground, 800-231-1127 (24 Hour Help Line and Resource),

Course in Miracles Classes

Reverend Dr. Cynthia El-Amine, Dr. Cynthia is also a self-acceptance counselor.

Kids Healing Programs

Dory Jolin, 248-390-9293, Dory also does self-acceptance sessions and Reiki healing.

Dance Meditation

Isa Tahran

Micheal Peters, Imagine Do,