Barbra is a naturally insightful life coach, holistic therapist and homeopathic practitioner.  In a sessions, Barbra uses her years of experience, intuitive guidance and compassion to assist you to heal, grow, and achieve your dreams. 

In every healing session, Barbra helps you to connect the dots, move to the next level, and open to the good life is seeking to bring.  In each session like a 'laser focus of love', Barbra supports you in seeing your True Self and embracing your blocks as stepping stones.  In the Self Acceptance Process (in which Barbra utilizes), your 'block' is a Perceived Protector.  This Perceived Protector is the very part of you that needs compassion and will lead you to the next realization of your true magnificence. Also as a transpersonal therapist Barbra guides you into loving ALL parts of yourself, thus empowering you to live in greater authentic happiness. 

Certified in many forms of energy healing, and emotional releasing; Barbra utilizes all these powerful processes in allowing you to reclaim your wholeness, shift years of patterns and live your life purpose

Hundreds of people have reported releasing years of pain, and self-sabotaging patterns through this work.  Helping so many to live their dreams, start healing centers and open to the next phase of their Soul's expression Barbra has been nicknamed the 'mid-wife' to the soul. Barbra believes that if a person simply has the courage and willingness to grow; anyone can  be a healer and leader to their community.  Barbra's intense passion for service comes from knowing that every time someone heals  they also heal their family, community, natural environment and world.  She has seen families healed from this work and honored to be a benefit to the world in anyway she can. 

As a homeopathic practitioner, and auricular medicine certified Barbra may suggest holistic healing modalities to assist your personal growth and healing.  Barbra uses the natural health modalities and energy work to 'unstick' addictive emotional patterns.  (Somatic Energy Clearing, Energetic Emotional Balancing, Trauma Erase homeopathics, or Auricular Acupuncture) Holistic healing modalities can be scheduled  into SEPARATE sessions.


Sessions can focus on:

  • Realizing your dreams
  • Living your purpose
  • Living in greater authenticity
  • Sexual acceptance
  • Releasing the core emotional reason why your body is ill.
  • Owning your power.
  • Expressing your creativity and unique truth's. 
  • Releasing the need for approval and people pleasing. 
  • Healing depression, trauma, and shame.
  • How to be a transformational teacher and leader for others and the world.


Forming a mentoring relationship with Barbra can be life-changing. Begin your healing journey today!