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Why Self Acceptance is So Powerful
By Barbra White
This is a powerhouse of terrific life information, something to absorb as you read then live each and everyday. Become empowered with the knowledge that accepting yourself IS the way to go and watch how miraculously your life transforms into one of bliss! Thank you Barbra White for all your hard work and the courage to tell us how it is.
— Amazon Five Star Review

In Why Self Acceptance is So Powerful, Barbra teaches the process of self-acceptance...from being willing to look within, and owning our thoughts and emotions, to feeling our emotions with non-reaction and forgiveness.

Barbra teaches us that loving ourselves takes work, that love is not an action, but our state of being, to use emotions to discover why we truly do things, and that emotions are the most important self-healing, spiritual growth tool in existence.

Barbra's words, combined with your own inner guidance and compassionate awareness, will touch you, guide you...and heal you.

Self Acceptance Process (tm)
By Barbra White

The Self Acceptance Process™ is a method, a way of living and being. It can free you from the stories, pain, and patterns you have been trapped in for years. In this book, the Self Acceptance Process is broken down into 15 weeks, but the process is applicable to the rest of your life. Weekly tips, meditations, graphs, and cartoons help guide greater realizations of confidence, love, and joy directly into your being and life. The Self Acceptance Process teaches you ‘how’ to accept yourself and realize your innate greatness. For greater understanding of this life-changing process, and to learn ‘why’ the Self Acceptance Process was created, read the foundational book to this process, Why Self-Acceptance Is So Powerful.

Magnificent You will inspire, challenge, and bring out the best in you. The thought provoking spiritual principles and transformational tools allow a practical application of the materials into your life.

Magnificent You uses a down-to-earth approach and a touch of humor to guide you into a functional understanding of the power of self-acceptance and love.

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You Are Loved As You Are

There is nothing you need to do to be the beauty you already are!  There is nowhere you need to go to open the love within you.  All that you are is simply waiting to be remembered.

The You Are Loved As You Are CD shares guidance on accepting your inner greatness, forgiving anger and allowing your passion, and acceptance.

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Self Acceptance Brings Lasting Happiness

The Self Acceptance Brings Lasting Happiness CD shares universal principles on realizing yourself as love, and is the accompanying CD to Barbra's bestseller, Why Self Acceptance is So Powerful.

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