What is my investment in myself and life? 

Initial INTRODUCTORY Consultation: $150.

Follow up sessions: $150. 

After introductory visit you can set the stage for your success, and save money, by committing to a monthly payment or package

Monthly payment of two sessions $250. (sessions $125). 4 month commitment required. 

12  sessions can be purchased for $1,200. (Sessions $100). 4 month expiration. Payment can be made in 3 installments. 

Cadence is a one hour session every week ( phone or in person) 

Sessions can be in person, Skype or on the phone.  (With the exception of body based therapies listed below)

The following healing therapies are VERY supportive to growth, healing and emotional balance. They are scheduled as separate sessions. Holistic Health Modalities can be part of a package, or scheduled separately. Pricing remains the same. 

  • Auricular Acupuncture for emotional balance 
  • Energetic Emotional Balancing 
  • Somatic Energetic Clearing
  • Trauma Erase Homeopathy

In creating a safe healing container for your process, a closure session is required. 

Training in Self Acceptance, Energy Healing and Spiritual Leadership: Please reference workshop and calendar website page.

Do you see children? No.  However we highly recommend Self Acceptance Process healing for children. Contact Dory  http://www.doryjolin.com/.