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Animal Communicator Movie Night

Inspiring, life changing and heart opening!! When we re-connect with animals, we learn how to be more human. 

Anna Brenytenback has dedicated her life to inter-species communication. Anna can feel scars hidden underneath fur, gives detailed stories of what is causing the animals trauma and more importantly...she offers healing to the animals/ humans. Anna is a bridge for humans to LISTEN and animals to finally be heard. Anna shows we can all be that bridge.

Location:  Accepted As I Am

Cost:  Donations to Animal Rescue Groups

Follow this link for a YouTube preview of the incredible story of how the leopard Diabolo became Spirit - Anna Breytenbach, "animal communicator".

We will have a short sharing circle after the movie "How does this movie inspire you?' AND in SHTA words "What call to action does this movie inspire within you?" 



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