I have such gratitude for every person that has touched my life.  You have taught me, shaped me, and showed me how and where to grow.  The very deepest of gratefulness and honor for you...thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Love, Barbra

I highly recommend Barbra in every possible way. She has helped my completely modify my belief system into one of acceptance and understanding, completely changing my outlook.

Call her, call her, CALL HER! You will only be amazed at the result...if you’re ready that is.
— Mitch L., Brighton, MI

Meeting and working with Barbra and Accepted As I Am has really been a turning point for me. She is truly gifted, deeply caring, and FUN too! For those that are ready, she is perfect! Much Love and Gratitude to Barbra.
— Therese W., Oakland, MI

I have been seeing Barbra for years, and she has helped me with emotional and physical areas that I needed to process through holistic healing. She has been instrumental in helping me in these areas and is an absolutely wonderful spiritual teacher. I have even continued to see her even after we decided to move to the west coast.
— Matt R., Reno, NV

Even with close to ten years of healing behind me, Barbra’s retreat was an unbelievable experience that opened and cleansed pain that I didn’t know was still within me. A safe and loving environment offered me an opportunity to speak my truth and expose my most vulnerable self. Thank you for that, with all of my heart. It was one of the most enjoyable and healing experiences of my journey thus far.
— Amy Weber

When I met Barbara, I felt her intuitiveness right away. I started working with her last month to clear some very deep family patterns and fears. Today, I feel that I have gone from confusion to clarity thanks to her healing practices. I am feeling so grounded in myself, and I am open to loving myself more and more because Barbara instilled a trust and love in me. She is a beautiful and insightful spiritual teacher and healer. I am blessed to know her. Namaste.
— Grace P., Wyandotte, MI

The work I have done at Accepted As I am has enabled me to elevate my awareness and shift to a higher consciousness. Barbra has been (exclusively) my holistic healer and spiritual teacher since 2003. Using many disciplines ( Reiki, Qi Gong, Meditation ) to support my shift, Barbra has been the strongest influence on my lifestyle. She knows whats best for your higher good. An extremely gifted and loving person.
— Rob S., Northville, MI

Let’s face it life is hard sometimes and we need help in understanding why we go through the things we go through. Barbra helps you understand yourself better and why things happen. Things happen for your greater good. She gives you spiritual and intellectual support.
— Linnea W., Canton, MI

Accepted As I Am is a great place to go for meditation, to get in touch with your inner self, and for holistic healing. As a spiritual teacher and guide, myself and many others I have met have received healing and a greater under standing for our life path. THANK YOU ACCEPTED AS I AM FOR THE GREAT WORK THAT YOU ARE DOING IN THE COMMUNITY.
— Cynthia E., Detroit, MI

I first went to Barbra because I wanted herbal support and help with losing weight. She has given me so much more than that. She has gotten to the root cause of many of my unhealthy behaviors and life patterns from people pleasing to overeating to feeling unworthy of love. I now feel a love radiating from me that enables me to live my life with joy and confidence. And, the love I share with others is now genuine instead of out of obligation or duty.

Barbra uses a variety of techniques to bring about inner transformation. It always amazes me how she can intuit exactly where you are and what you need. Her techniques are gentle, safe, and loving. Her inner wisdom is much older than her years.

By the way, I have lost over 20 pounds without dieting. But more importantly, I feel free from the struggle of what and how much I should eat. I just eat in a natural way that nurtures my body now. This is a result of all of the inner-work Barbra has done with me. She truly changed my life!
— Jerrie C., Northville, MI

We are each called at some point in our lives to seek guidance and support.....look no further! From balancing your physical body out to releasing old emotional blocks to learning what it truly means to love yourself by ACCEPTING YOURSELF FIRST! She is a gem in this world, and you are too!!
— Tara D., Brighton, MI

Participating in Barbara’s Self Acceptance retreats and one-on-one sessions has blown my Spiritual Journey wide open. I’ve been on a spiritual quest for a long time seeking inner peace from somewhere “out there”. From the moment I met Barbara she supported me in knowing what I already sensed...that inner peace was within me. That I am lovable, loving and loved just as I Am. The Beautiful thing is that she supports self acceptance in me by being who she is...she embodies self love, acceptance, forgiveness, expansion and has the ability to help me experience those qualities for myself and others. Having that inner knowing guides me and supports my journey of healing. I love that Barbara intuitively and lovingly listens to Spirit during a session, and is guided and able to use a wide variety of techniques to facilitate healing. I have benefited greatly from her knowledge and use of Auricular Medicine, Reiki, Qi Cong, Flower Essences, Herbs and The Self Acceptance Process. The showering of love and support I receive from Barbara and the other spiritual seekers that attend her retreats has brought me closer and closer to my higher power and I will be forever grateful.
— Mary D.

I had a bit of anxiety coming to this retreat. Meeting new people, being in a place I’ve never been. After being here four days, I wish it was longer and we could stay. I got so much out of the week. I was inspired, I found strength, I learned from everyone else that was there. I connected with myself, my energy, and other people’s energy. It was an amazing experience. I will definitely be coming to another one! Thank you, Barbra.
— C.Z.

What a powerful weekend, so full of love and growth. So thankful for Barbra and the amazing group of people that were there!
— Karen

My meditation practice brought up so many issues at once that I couldn’t deal with them on my own and didn’t know where to turn. That is when I met Barbra. Barbra provided me with the loving support and guidance I needed to release old issues and grow into my next level of self acceptance. On all levels, I am much healthier and happier. Barbra's self acceptance process is a great gift.              ~C



Your work took me to inner places I Know I wouldn't have NOT went otherwise. Thank you!. -- Lisa M


Accepted as I am was the key to my opening to grace and my greater self.  Barbra White guided and supported me through a transformation that has empowered me to embrace my maturing essence. I learned how to be gentle and allow my self- worth to blossom. Accepted as I am provided me the tools to reunite with my heart and radiate once again. Thank you Barbra with your gift of empowerment, understanding and compassion. I have much to accomplish with myself as my own soulmate. Peace and Blessing.  M. K.