Thank you for the amazing healing community and support! 

Thank you to my teachers of the past and present in order of beginning to end: 

Robert White (dad) for raising me in healing and Qi Cong.

Suzanne White (mom) for my deep connection to nature and crying every time an animal was harmed.

Penny Weaver for revealing the Goddess to me.

Shinto for helping me to heal insecurities.

Monk Mahdi for showing me the wonder of our ascension process.

Dr. Ken Pittaway for teaching me homeopathy and igniting me into following my heart.

Dr. Ernest Shear for believing in me and teaching me Iridology.

Dr. Micheal Beckwith for being a living example and teaching me that I have a mandate and obligation to be magnificent.

Amma for loving me.

Dr. Tina Fields for showing me what an empowered woman looks like.

Thank you to all my students, who I see as my teachers.  We are one.

Thank you to my non-physical teachers who are just as real to me as the physical:

          Mother Earth for teaching me the use of herbs and how to heal the body.

          Quan Yin and Mother Mary for activating in me compassion and mother energy.

          Christ for showing me how to claim my gifts, and activating in me the awareness of oneness.