At Accepted As I Am Center, we hold the vision that as you grow and love your Self, you love the Self in all others. Our hope is for everyone to discover the innate love within themselves; and from this place of inner wholeness, be inspired into service to others.

At Accepted As I Am, we believe that if a person simply has the courage to grow, anyone can be a leader and healer to others.  

Those who have benefited from Life Coaching are:

Deep spiritual seekers who...

- are willing to learn and be coached.

- make the material their own and are willing to apply the material into their life.

- are motivated into sessions, usually from: depression, anxiety, parenting troubles, general dissatisfaction with life, communication difficulties, insecurities, divorce, accepting sexuality, attention difficulties and physical illness.

- are seeking to live their dreams, own their personal power, deepen their connection, and be a healer to others in their living example.

Sessions combine spirituality and psychotherapy, allowing a grounded, supported experience. This work is truly holistic.  Your body's health and messages are included as important feedback to the process.  The work is different from traditional therapy because a strong intentionality of your already present wholeness is held in each session. Rather than analyze and pathologize your struggles, the 'obstacles' to your happiness are used as 'fertilizer' for your evolution. This work is unique, life changing, and powerful.