Accepted As I Am offers a variety of Self-Transformation Workshops & Retreats, from single evening workshops to weekend residential retreats, such as:


  • Energetics of Healing-Using compassion and empathy as a "super power"
  • Authentic Leadership Fundamentals: Becoming a leader of new paradigm of peace .
  • Fundamentals of Happiness: Self Acceptance Process and unconditional self love. 
  • Embracing True Power. Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies:  
  • Radiant Body: Increase your body acceptance, health, and sexual life force.
  • Listening to the voice of the Earth- eco-psychology, 4 directions Qi Cong and ecological energetic attunement.
  • Authentic Leadership: 9 month program (Certification in Self Acceptance Process, and Energy Healing) 
One of the best parts of my life...One of the nicest gifts that I have ever given to myself.
— M. Garibay
This work was made so every person there had incredible results. The trust was built so strongly as to take my defenses and barriers down, and find my deepest needs met. Forever grateful.
— Casey, Clawson, MI
Attending these retreats has been an invaluable blessing in my life. The spiritual healing, the peace I have gained, the tools for living a joyful life have been awesome.
— M. LeDuc, Waterford, MI
Barbra is an amazing healer and gift to humanity. The workshop truly unfolded in a magical way, and spontaneous healing happened for every member. For myself I learned many critical aspects about who I am, and was easily able to integrate many new learnings and breakthroughs. It was a loving growth experience that I would welcome again and again.
— C.M., Troy, MI

For the event schedule, and more detail on individual workshops, please click here.

Are you interested in having Barbra host a workshop at your business? Barbra has worked with everyone from small groups at a local yoga studio to larger groups at healing centers, and is available for travel.  To request a workshop at your location, please Contact Barbra.